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Happiness, conquered! – Sweet Summer Sweat

– Nature’s Natural

Passed three hours of the merry rain,
Scaled four miles of the woods’ embrace;
I neither winced nor shrugged at the helm,
Victor, I, rose in the hills’ praise.

The green leaves hummed in the land’s tune,
The moonlight shimmered in its bliss;
But the banal chirp in the wind,
Returned me to the old abyss.

From heavens above it ushered,
For someone’s prayers had been heard;
Twinkling speckles veiled the Magi,
Before me was glee, in the mud.

Long ago, I had made a choice,
The pursuit of it, to pursue
Love and joy in my mundane life;
For paths to happiness it knew.

Scraped the brown off the glistening box,
Cleansed with my dripping merriment;
An angelic lever turned left,
My gaping mouth, over I bent.

No rains, no woods; No waves, No hills
Shadowed the poet on his way;
Returned he to his new heaven,
Down in the dust his prized gift lay.

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A Thirsty Cloud – Sweet Summer Sweat

– Nature’s Natural

Lurking behind the veil of wisdom,
Thinning himself into the damp air,
Floats high above the hills’ teeth,
A thirsty cloud.

The piercing gaze of the land
And the unsaid solemn prayers,
Rises with the heat of the below,
Relinquishing his tears.

The sun’s scythe shears at his back,
Droops down he in fatigue;
Riding alone on the cool breeze,
He smiles his way through.

It’s the shade not what they care,
His sight meets with sneers.
Thus, lurks behind the veil of wisdom,
A thirsty cloud.

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TaleSpin Entry #1

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Death of a Dream

-Nature’s Natural

Under the sultry glance of Moon,
Among the twinkling stare of stars,
By the thin brook, a shepherd stood
Weeping over his dead sheep’s scars.

As cold as white, as raged as red,
From his hazel eyes, drops rolled down,
Into the world’s grief, and the man
Hid in his shadow, with a frown.

A long beared weight off his heart,
He had thought of before the blow.
But it left a void in his herd,
Of which a little did he know.

Poor Fate hung her head in despair,
All her divinity in vain,
The mortal too naive for her plan,
Rejected bliss to relish pain.

There is no malice, no carnage,
In the silencing of our dream,
For they make our bustling brain bleed,
Of love, of hope, of the serene.

The morning-Sun found the killer,
Still aweried of the night’s air.
By its gaze, his abode was lost,
For the world to jibe at the pair.

Soon his pruned herd came along
With no bidders for the red grass.
And the shepherd blew his whistle,
All queued but the carcass.

Under the sultry glance of Moon,
Among the twinkling stare of stars,
By the thin brook, the shepherd stands
And just weeps, for his dead sheep’s scars

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To My Lady

-Nature’s Natural

Out of the old, heavy armour,
In the now silenced streets of red,
I don’t see a murky valour
But eternal bliss of the shed.

There is no fire in my veins,
No remnants of our glory past.
Yes, I did give in to your reins,
Though numbered ’twas still not the last.

To rever me in her new court,
Perhaps, her grief, the queen will speak.
From Gates of Hell, to you, I’ll quote,
“It is never what warriors seek.”

The sword has trembled in my hand
And for she I’ve been a disgrace.
But never stepped down, O my land!
All’s a trifle but your embrace.

Faced the scorching Sun with a smile,
Often concealed my face with blood
Yet you sighed just in the first mile
And still, here I lie in the mud.

“A warrior” my epitaph says,
I am much flattered with it though,
Fought a lost battle all those days,
Today in front of none I bow!

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Sonnets of Spring Entry #7

[Note: Link to Sonnets of Spring. Entry is on topic #3]

Life Cycle

-Nature’s Natural

” ‘I should ask her… Or I shouldn’t.’ I kept staring at her while my mind tried to look through the haze. It was too late. She strutted past me again and left no solace for my longing heart.” It continued, “Even Shakespeare would be in dearth of adjectives to define her divine beauty. This red glowing Sun would shy away at her luscious lips. The deafening silence of the space would scream upon seeing the tranquility on her face.”

“…you will have to repeat your Maths course,” said a stern voice. I stood up and with weary eyes looked at its source. Suddenly, an unfamiliar bell rang and I ran out to escape the embarrassment of failures.

That sad day was not supposed to end on a sad note. As I rushed outdoors, I crashed into her. It was an accident that I had planned innumerable times in my dreams. It actually happened. Her silky, curly hairs brushed my face. I whirled around and fell right into her embrace. Oh! What a heavenly touch that was! But strange as I am, I turned without acknowledging her and kept running.


“It’s getting colder as I am getting nearer. However, I entered the examination hall with a troubled heart and wrote the paper with a hustled mind. She was sitting right across me in that hall. Should I have approached her? Perhaps, I should have. But I could not gather courage then. It is one of those moments which you might have planned and rehearsed a hundred times but your body gives up at the final moment. It seems that the body and the mind are two independent entities. Yet, one tries to control the other. I tried to force my limbs and walk up to her.But to no avail. Well, the next day was the last day, my last chance to pour my heart out.”

“I am sorry! Are you alright. Why were you running on the street? Why don’t you speak? Hey! He is bleeding. Help! Help! Lift him in the car. Let’s rush him to the hospital.” said he in his known stern voice. I heard some people uttering in grief, “This kid will not survive. May God bless his soul. May his soul rest in peace.” These were the only words that my conscious mind could hear and remember.

“It was a very long day. Every second seemed an hour. I was too anxious. I won’t get another chance. I hardly slept that night. Racing the first light of morning Sun, I reached my school. I kept waiting for her, outside the school and inside the campus. She didn’t come. The gatekeeper of Hell had given me only two days. And this was the last one.”

“I laid my head down on the desk and went in deep slumber. Although I had a few hours left, I had lost hope. Death kills your body but your soul clings onto hope and thrives. But this time I felt like losing my soul too. I was drifting towards eternal sleep when your Maths teacher woke me up. I was back to your world.”

As it was telling me this, I found myself rising from the white hospital bed. I could not feel my limbs. I felt no pain. I rose inch by inch. I saw the red glow of the Sun before entering the silent space. But I didn’t want to go. How could I depart without telling her? Didn’t God hear that man’s prayers? Was there no God? Where was I going? I tried very hard to descend but all in vain. The only thing I could do was think and ponder upon my wasteful life. Before falling into oblivion, I looked down. Down to the place I rose from. It seemed that the time had stopped at that moment. I was still standing at the gates. And there she was. Everything was still. So, I decided to focus on the voice which I heard it for the last time.The voice was fading but I could distinctly make out what it was trying to say.

“All was not over yet. As I was running out of the campus gate, I crashed into her. Would you believe? She was right in front of me. What a better show of fortune one wants? I won’t miss it this time. I rushed onto the street to lift the rose that I brought for this special occasion. Then were we hit by a car. Your body became too weak to bear me, so, here I stand at Hell’s gate. Again.”

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 -Nature’s Natural

When the sky was clouded
And birds awaited rain,
I stayed solitary,
All beauty seemed insane.

To find the blissful blue
With my long weary eye,
Was like meeting the lord
And tell before I die.

I stared at the heavens
And looked down far beneath.
The dark clouds swirled around
Hiding hell’s dreaded teeth.

From among the thick woods,
I heard a joyful song
Again did I see her,
O my beautiful fawn!

I bent in gratitude
And praised her revelry.
But with gray indifference
She pursued her merry.

I cried out to her
“Wait for me, little fawn.”
With utter ignorance
She just went on and on.

Even the gods cried now,
The droplets trickled down,
The petals and leaves swooned
And birds flew with a frown.

She was lost in the woods
And I stood there for long.
Worthless a try to tame,
I just cherished the song.