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The Breeze

– Jyotsha Kumar

Laying on bed, trying to sleep when the night’s silence was broken by thunder followed by the pounding of rain. It was really loud. This was the first real change in weather in a long time. For almost a month all that I was experiencing was the dull winter. The sun always hidden behind the clouds, the clouds not visible through the fog in the first place. No change at all. Really boring to be honest. The torrential downpour not exactly pleasant was a welcome change.

Is this about desiring different things even if they are bad just to escape the ordinary uninspiring life?

I don’t like rain. I hate it. It makes everything wet and dirty. And that is exactly how it was the next day. Muddy puddles everywhere. The weather was still gloomy, clouds still jealously hiding the sun behind its veil. But as the hour hand reached 12, it was as though mother nature itself was revived. The clouds had finally let go. Rays of light were bouncing off everything and it looked beautiful! God finally discarded his anger for colors and saturation.

Is this about the metaphorical dawn that will always come after a night? About how bad things don’t last forever?

The amazing feeling of the sun blessing earth with its warmth was accentuated by the gentle breeze. The static dull scenery now was vibrant and expressive.

Is this about how we should take time to appreciate nature, the beauty in every small and big thing around us?

I went up to the roof. The wind was cool, the sun was warm. Perfectly pleasant. I even took a video of the trees dancing, the rustling of leaves rather calming. My mind was clearing. Emptiness was filling my mind. Few minutes later the regular thoughts, worries, doubt, concern, fear, comes trickling back one problem at a time.

Is this about how we can never truly escape the inevitability of life’s bothers?

It is about one and all of the above. The working of the mind being an unresolved mystery. The ability to change the very state of being by simply having a different perspective. The ability to find different meanings in even the smallest nuance. Most importantly the way it can exaggerate the simplest things for better or worse. If a simple breeze can be amplified as such then what it can do with sorrow, regret and anguish is truly frightening…


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A Thirsty Cloud – Sweet Summer Sweat

– Nature’s Natural

Lurking behind the veil of wisdom,
Thinning himself into the damp air,
Floats high above the hills’ teeth,
A thirsty cloud.

The piercing gaze of the land
And the unsaid solemn prayers,
Rises with the heat of the below,
Relinquishing his tears.

The sun’s scythe shears at his back,
Droops down he in fatigue;
Riding alone on the cool breeze,
He smiles his way through.

It’s the shade not what they care,
His sight meets with sneers.
Thus, lurks behind the veil of wisdom,
A thirsty cloud.

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The Pulchritudinous Traveller

– Serpentine Soul

Dawn of the day
Leaves of autumn yellow and brown
Cracking somewhere far away
The traveller moved on

Time turned around
Leaves came back to life
With dreams new found
Waiting for spring to arrive

Oblivious they were still naive
The traveller moved on

A new season had begun
To rejoice under the sun
but love there was none
The traveller moved on

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Vestigial Winter

-Kafkaesque Koala

This poem is a sequel to the poem Autumn Austerities. You can read it here :

Thoughts of togetherness
Thoughts of solitude
The illusions of belonging
The illusions of friendship

Shedding everything,
For the birth of something new,
Shedding the austerities
As the wind blew

I try to grow
But to only see
That my past is back with me
Haunted by the blinding darkness
I tread towards what I fear

Refusing to let go of what cannot be
Into something that I fail to see
Consciously, but gradually, shedding the solitude
I try to find solace in her company

It’s better when we are together, I say
I try
I try hard
I get close
I get closer,
but not close enough
So I try harder
And get farther
Does trying even matter

The illusions seemed like a new dawn
But were all forlorn shades of
Red yellow and brown
Illusions of the colors
Break a dream

Shattering hopes and promises without meanin’
I unsheathe the sword again
To strike it one last time
I raise it high, high enough
The choirs singing,
Her laughter ringing,
My head spinning,
The illusion fading,
I strike, I bleed
Killing a part of me never felt better
Now I can comfortably wait, wait for…
For the snow to draw me into a warm slumber

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The Gilded Heavens

-Gregarious Griffin

You could lose yourself in the endless skies,
Drowning in an ocean of sighs
The last rays of the sun lilting by
As you float up above in the sky.

The sky,
Molten gold as if painted with ichor
And the wind roaring, like summer’s laughter
Playing with your hair and stroking your face
As you stand there and stare away in space.

The valediction of the sky to the sun,
A night of separation from its companion,
The all encompassing blues,
Light up into a million hues.