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Ever felt like you had tales to tell, but no one to tell them to? Always thought you could fill a book with your ideas, but never took the time to? Or just want to see if you can stir the masses with your pen? The ELS IITK blog is the perfect platform for you. Be it a nonsensical limerick or a terribly tiny tale, a self composed song or a classic sonnet, a critical book/movie/album review or a Gothic story written in archaic language, just write to us at You can also contact us in case of any query regarding the English Literary Society, IIT Kanpur. To remain updated about ELS activities, follow us on facebook.


2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. This is Allison again. Just to ask a question.
    Who was it who wrote the lines (similar to): Think as I think or else you will be considered a lowly frog. So I thought and decided I would rather be a lowly frog!
    Thought that it was Carl Sandburg, but maybe not.
    Thank you so very much for your time.

    1. Dear Allison,Thanks for all the love and support. It was nice to meet someone who really appreciates our humble efforts. And you’re right, that kind of art is much required by the modern day world. We might need some of that positivity too, so feel free to share some with us. We have to apologize though, as we don’t really know who wrote those lines. You see, literature is a vast ocean, and we’ve collectively plumbed only about a cupful. Still so much to explore. However, if we do find out, we’ll get back to you on this. Thanks again.

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