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Sweet Summer Sweat ’17

– Coordinators, ELS

Here are the topics and guidelines for Sweet Summer Sweat 2017. Mail in your entries to by 12th August. Edit: the deadline has been extended to 23:59, 31 August.

The best entries win books and get featured both on the blog and in Meander, the annual ELS magazine.

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Talespin’17 – Results

– Coordinators, ELS

Hello folks. Talespin, our annual spring creative writing competition, was held last month, and here we are with the results. The winners got books as prizes. The topics for the event can be found here.


  1. Promit Chakroborty
  2. Nikhil Nayak

Their entries, as well as those of the other participants, will be posted soon. So keep watching this space for some delightful reads!

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Talespin: Results

We have the results of Talespin! We are grateful to Jerry Pinto, author of Em and the Big Hoom and Helen: The Life and Times of an H Bomb, who took some time out and judged the entries for us. His top three entries, in order, are:

Prose by Geet George
Talespin by Vaidehi Menon
A Story by Nishit Asnani

We’ll be putting up all the entries soon. Congratulations to the winners!

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-Coordinators, ELS

English Literary Society conducts LitFest every year with the hope of trying out events that have not been conducted before in the club. As part of LitFest’16, our first event is the online creative writing competition. TaleSpin, as the event has been christened this year, is a crazy twist to the good old creative writing competition.

The general guidelines for TaleSpin are given here:

  • Plagiarism will lead to disqualification.
  • You can choose to compose on multiple topics. Your composition may be in the form of a prose, a poem, a comic or literally anything that involves some form of text.
  • Potential topics have been highlighted in this composition: TaleSpin. You can choose to mine the composition for more topics as well (which have not been highlighted).
  • Entries, along with the topic they have been written on, (and queries) must be emailed to
  • Deadline for submission is 8th March 2016. Results will be declared on the blog during LitFest’16 (11th-13th March). Winners will be awarded books as prizes and their entries will be published on the blog.

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Winter Winds

-Coordinators, ELS

A frosty nip in the air, warm mugs of cocoa, chattering teeth and foggy mornings. Winter is a powerful assortment of varied experiences and feelings, a season whose many emotions have inspired countless artists in their own ways, from Debussy to Dickens, Monet to Milton, Kurosawa to Keats, just to name a few. In this creative writing competition, we want you to try to capture and express some of the sentiments this season rouses within you.

So, this year we present you with a lesser known form of Japanese poetry called the Tanka. In the 7th century, the tanka was so popular that nobles in the Japanese Imperial court would write tanka poems and compete. Tanka poetry was also frequently given to a partner in courtship at the end of an evening spent together.

Tankas consist of five lines usually with the pattern of syllables being 5-7-5-7-7. The 5-7-5 is called the kami-no-ku (“upper phrase/poem”), and the 7-7 is called the shimo-no-ku (“lower phrase/poem”).

For example:

The weather is cool
It’s clear that fall is coming
The leaves will soon change
The days will become shorter
And then winter will fall too.

And some historic examples:

The faintly glowing
color of the maples,
when it fades away
before the falling of snow,
serenity in mountains.

Mokichi Saito


Are you getting weak
As the autumn nights grow cold?
Your cry sounds faint
And becomes more distant.

Monk Saigyo
(1118 – 1190)

(Note that the latter don’t rigidly follow the syllable structure as they have been translated from Japanese)

So, what you have to do is write winter themed Tankas (following the given structure) and send it to us on or before 10th January 2016. You can mail us your entries at Multiple entries are allowed. The best submissions will be published on the blog and the top three entries will be awarded books as prizes. Happy writing!

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Kumomi – Results

-Coordinators, ELS

We recently organized Kumomi, an Online Fresher’s Creative Writing Competition. The details can be found here. The results for the competition are as follows:

1st position

Rain falls
Overwhelms senses
Refreshes body, mind and soul

-Ankit Kumar

2nd position

Seeds sprout
Mankind smiles
I’m also here now
The drops drown the ones from my eyes.

-Geet George

3rd position

Thin rain,
Cold quilt at
Six in the morning,
Days now start with many curse claims


Those that almost made it:

nights and crazy days.
Farewell to you, calm skies, see you.

-Anushya Goenka

Breathe aloud
Relief, my heart felt
To let my soul bathe in the rain.

-Nitish Pant

Wind blows.
Skies go dark.
Nature roars at us.
Yet we dance with abundant joy.

-Sarthak Mittal