About the Club

Language is capable of portraying sentiments that you thought could not be worded. Do you enjoy putting your vivid thoughts on paper, or does the Sunday crossword tickle your brain, or do you just have a ball playing charades? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, ELS is the place to be. The English Literary Society is a group of people who meet up to share a common passion for language in innovative ways like JAM, charades, write-ups, poetry recitations and word games to list a few. So lose your inhibitions and come on board for a fun-filled literary journey.


6 thoughts on “About the Club

  1. Your site is great fun,,,a mind tickler. Playing with words is the greatest way to problem solve, think out side of the box and be able to be able to explore the mind to keep it active.
    I really don’t know if I would be much of a help in joining your group, Right now I am painting modern art, much like Paul Klee and Miro just fun art that is colorful and heart lifting. It celebrates the best of mankind. I feel right now that the world needs it so very much.
    I do love words too. I was influenced by some great people:
    my adopted “stepfather” Robert Payne and Sanora Babb, both fantastic people with words.
    Thank you. You are so very delightful, Keep up your love and purpose in life!

  2. English Literary Society is one of the best things that has happened to this campus,especially the poem and prose writing part of this club

  3. Hi. This is an aspiring writer commenting. I’m so obsessed with writing better and better with every minute. I want to ask if is there any actual Writing or Literature Club of yours, or any other? Please recommend 🙂

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