Sweet Summer Sweat ’17

– Coordinators, ELS

Here are the topics and guidelines for Sweet Summer Sweat 2017. Mail in your entries to litsoc.iitk@gmail.com by 12th August. Edit: the deadline has been extended to 23:59, 31 August.

The best entries win books and get featured both on the blog and in Meander, the annual ELS magazine.


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4 responses to “Sweet Summer Sweat ’17

  1. Great topics! A small remark though – in the second and the third topic, it’s not very clear as to what kind of composition is expected. For instance, do you want people to write about the demagogue’s life in this world or in the world that it has come from?

  2. The ambiguity is deliberate. We didn’t want (all of) the prompts to be overly prescriptive and dictate the overarching story.
    So, for the third topic, any piece that follows from the premise laid out, be it in this world, the demagogue’s, or both, is acceptable.

    – Samarth

  3. Anirudh

    Could I write on more than one topic? Multiple entries?

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