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Vestigial Winter

-Kafkaesque Koala

This poem is a sequel to the poem Autumn Austerities. You can read it here :

Thoughts of togetherness
Thoughts of solitude
The illusions of belonging
The illusions of friendship

Shedding everything,
For the birth of something new,
Shedding the austerities
As the wind blew

I try to grow
But to only see
That my past is back with me
Haunted by the blinding darkness
I tread towards what I fear

Refusing to let go of what cannot be
Into something that I fail to see
Consciously, but gradually, shedding the solitude
I try to find solace in her company

It’s better when we are together, I say
I try
I try hard
I get close
I get closer,
but not close enough
So I try harder
And get farther
Does trying even matter

The illusions seemed like a new dawn
But were all forlorn shades of
Red yellow and brown
Illusions of the colors
Break a dream

Shattering hopes and promises without meanin’
I unsheathe the sword again
To strike it one last time
I raise it high, high enough
The choirs singing,
Her laughter ringing,
My head spinning,
The illusion fading,
I strike, I bleed
Killing a part of me never felt better
Now I can comfortably wait, wait for…
For the snow to draw me into a warm slumber