Autumn Austerities

– Kafkaesque Koala

I met her,
In the time of summer,
The sun rose high,
And now here we lie,
A year past,
A fool thought it would last.
Later regretting what was sowed,
Silence echoed,
Like that before a storm,
An abomination that was never meant to be born.

You are destined to be happy
They said.
Petty little liars.
I was happy.
I was thinking of her.
I was happy.
I was a long long time ago.
Now there’s only pain,
And darkness.
I was solely with her,
Only the sun mattered,
Maddened they said I was
By the blinding brightness.

There was silence for a moment.
A long long moment.
The warmth was all gone,
Cold and dark and torn

I am confused, living in recluse,
I wished to hurt her,
Kill all the emotion within,
I had to do it.
The strife within rages,
Because to keep her here he wishes.
I still love her.
I want to kill her.
I turn to her.
I unsheathe the sword at last,
and cry over the dead past.


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