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Autumn Austerities

– Kafkaesque Koala

I met her,
In the time of summer,
The sun rose high,
And now here we lie,
A year past,
A fool thought it would last.
Later regretting what was sowed,
Silence echoed,
Like that before a storm,
An abomination that was never meant to be born.

You are destined to be happy
They said.
Petty little liars.
I was happy.
I was thinking of her.
I was happy.
I was a long long time ago.
Now there’s only pain,
And darkness.
I was solely with her,
Only the sun mattered,
Maddened they said I was
By the blinding brightness.

There was silence for a moment.
A long long moment.
The warmth was all gone,
Cold and dark and torn

I am confused, living in recluse,
I wished to hurt her,
Kill all the emotion within,
I had to do it.
The strife within rages,
Because to keep her here he wishes.
I still love her.
I want to kill her.
I turn to her.
I unsheathe the sword at last,
and cry over the dead past.

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– Baleful Basilisk


It was lush and green,
I gazed on with bated breath.
It was calming to stop my mind,
To blindly believe, in the roots’ depth!

Its leaves were green after all,
And the trunk well-grounded, seemingly.
For a few willful seconds,
My mind, silly child! Believed its immensity.

Such faith as I have never found,
In a faintly rotten-smelling ground.
The voice of the wind, lingered,
Ripping apart the covered lies.

I had nobody to blame,
This was my own special form,
Of self-created, delusional pain.
Born out of childish necessity.

And so, as I finally allowed,
My eyes, by now, half-crazed
To view the entire perspective,
My mind reeled back in shock.

The roots I had never seen,
But its pinnacle exposed the entire story.
It was dry, hollow wood
Cracked and withered, with not a single leaf.

Its roots had died long ago,
The trunk had but been lifeless glory.
And I, a mere impudent creature,
Struggling to find humanity.