TaleSpin Entry #7

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Memory? Maybe

– Surreal Kishi

There’s this memory I have had.
(Or rather some fantasy!!)
Rectangular legs of cotton,
with endearingly curvaceous and
strong holders.
To hold me in past,
memories so selfish.
Thick to thin with a mesmerising blow of appeal;
Those black shiny grounders,
striking on my head palace
and so apt on the creme abstract rectangle;
The beauty immense enough to behold,
immense enough to distract.

Indian cotton per se!
Brown and creme from the land of nagas
A design crafted in the rendezvous
Of some great Rangrez with colours
and his blocks.
(Or by my distinctly clouded memory)
Splashy I rise,
I fall
loud and sensual,
Pure and curvaceous.
Desire of half possession of others.
With a locket blue as ocean,
hanging over the valley.(oops!)

Above I climbed in hesitation
eyes still arid, lust still young.
Amidst of snow and wheat
lies a beautiful field.
Lying there nude; so so eager!
Waiting for Zeus to taste it.

A stem so virgin,
Even ripe grapes would eschew.
Bold yet fades away in just a touch!
Don’t  know if memory’s getting hazy,
Or Words have deserted this dare
Of describing further.

Beyond the abstractions of
round and long lies
pure maiden perfection.

Let the flow change.

Dark sparks neither too long
nor too short.
There to savour the grain,
but to leave thou sere.
Palace of beauty and might
Of memories in fact!
(I am not part of)
Dark and endless
Surrounded by a web so fine,
Of spider sunk in blue.
Careful yet intriguing,
covered in snow white!
Two apple dumplings,
Christened by Aphrodite.

Sharp you look,
Sharp you go within.
Sharp is the pain.
Of thou getting in.

Two piles of wonder,
Slight a mystique up.
Crush of sugarcoated cherry,
touch so balmy,
flesh so polite!
Its been too far,
for a memory that hazy.
But only if it was one.
I hope it was not!!


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