TaleSpin Entry #6

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Mirror – The Silent Spectator

– Shivani Saxena

The mist of morning wintery
Covers its surface gently,
The glassy figure, it stands
In the corner, silently.

The fair reflector of beauty
Yet, fails at true revelation.
The mute spectator sees
All the stories’ creation.

It’s the spy of spies.
It’s the best secret-keeper.
It’s the witness to crimes bold.
It stores thoughts deeper.

Legs dangling from the fan
Of a student totally broken
Companion in his struggle
Spoke nothing to none.

The clamour of words harsh
Thrown like knives between him and her
The dark depressed girl rejected for marriage
Oh! If it could embrace her.

It watches her yellow feet sleep
With one man and tomorrow, another.
Her soul when peeped through eye hole
There is nothing left, all wonder.

The mangled face that wakes up
Eaten by the acid, looks up.
It knows all her feelings and fears
Still dumb! Atleast cheer her up.

Observer of the unsaid and unheard
Glows with the match of dowry.
The scream of abused child echo
In its heart that’s cold and unweary.

How could it still remain-
The spy, the witness, the spectator.
Well- aware of the plans of devils,
Rapists, hypocrites and murderers.

Shatter the glassy mask down
Rip your brimming chest off
Speak to hapless, be the savior
Oh! The world be so well-off.


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3 responses to “TaleSpin Entry #6

  1. Nicely wriiten.
    Deep & powerful poem.
    Can be connected very easily.

  2. Reblogged this on amanverma028 and commented:
    Thoughtful poem

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