TaleSpin Entry #5

[Link to TaleSpin]

– Thanedaar

If you are reading this, I am grateful to you. I am no writer, I just Googled ‘define grateful’ to be sure it means what it sounds like. And now I spent some time going over the previous line, may be ‘I am no writer’ suits better to a rap song. I would no more bore you with my apathy for words. Wait, for words sounds like forwards, should I change that? Urghh!

This article wouldn’t be reaching  you, unless that you is me. The TaleSpin composition inspired me to write something.  The unnecessary capitalization of the letter ‘s’ shows the desperation to indicate ‘Hey, you might wanna read it again, I took pains to coin that’. I was not aware of the animated TV series by Disney, may be Doordarshan did not screen it. So I ended up reading an article discussing symbolism in TaleSpin. I’ll leave that for some other day. Getting back, the flow of the composition TaleSpin was of particular interest to me.  Pseudorandom, may be. The ideas seemed random, just flowing down when you know the deadline for this piece is not the next day. And then, the next moment you realize’ I have to finish this, let me just try to put in topics we discussed in the meeting.’

Disney taking over the world would be a child’s fantasy, the child who wants chocolate flowing down the rivers and clouds showering chocolates. Sweet and sticky liquid chocolate, burnt caramel aroma making you sick. As if the festivals are not enough for them to have enough of it. I admit, the Nankari people, well they can never have their music fantasies fulfilled in the festivals round the year. Maybe the Chotti Si Asha they have of pleasing their Supreme God – Krishna through their endless night outs is what drives them. A god, who played the flute himself, became an ideal lover and the perfect elder has innumerable songs dedicated to. The aartis adoring his innocence have been aptly adopted by the IITK students, with some minor changes here and there. If you haven’t heard it, I am not asking you to. But believe me; you wouldn’t be able to find another piece of art that manifests the innocence of youth as this particular aarti does. Defy the social norms, disregard the sentiments of the foolish and celebrate life. This state is nothing but innocence, living in the bubble of youth that is soon burst by life.

This is the same life that stops me from continuing to link ideas as I was. But the burst is inevitable. I must seek the old who have memo-rees of their glorious past, memries that have survived years of self–depreciation.

If you do reach the end, kudos to you. Kudos for reaching the end of a piece that was sent by a coward. Someone who is too shy to write in his name. Kudos to the team to bother to look into an email that has ‘spam’ printed all over it. Opening a .doc file, feeling insecure through out. And if this piece is lost somewhere in the cloud, be it so. The cloud would engulf me, a few mega bytes of information, too insignificant.


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