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TaleSpin Entry #4

[Link to TaleSpin]

Song of Innocence

– Warren Peace

Little has been withered,
You mustn’t scrutinise too hard,
She melts under harsh gaze,
Blithely, her slimy hands would manoeuvre
Your dirty sins to ashen grounds
And there, they be razed,
Being no more than an unsolicited mass,
Prickly and sodden, too dangerous to hold,
But what can be made of her?
There isn’t long before She turns cold,
Whereas once she slept all afternoon,
Her voice now sounds introspective soliloquies,
“It’s been a while, since we last spoke…
 cautious, I will be,
 But never once will I wince,
 If serendipity doesn’t roll her dice with my name smoked in”
Little has been withered,
She did remind me, of water lilies,
Floating in tranquility, and depth unawares,
Espying her mother and father,
Fabricating herself,
I heard their insolent words echo,
Oh she’s a beautiful witch,
Little has been withered.

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