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A Motley of Winter Tankas

The following are some of the good entries for our competition Winter Winds.

Yearning, a tanka by Samarth Chawla

Brown, skeletal woods
Shiver and snap in blizzard.
They reach for the sky
Like so many yearning hands.
The Sun is cold to their plight.

A tanka by Vaidehi Menon

Sweater static sparks.
Touch your fingertips to mine;
Not cold suddenly.
Warm woollen intimacy.
Sheep hair electricity.

A tanka by Harshit Bisht

I watch him pile snow
Making a cute short walled fort
To hide from snowballs
Amidst the smell of pudding
Fighting the right kind of wars

A tanka by Pratibha Bhatt

Consciously burning
In snow hidden, mortal rites
Withdrawn fiery lights
Trembling blue, in a maze dark
Crushed in white walls, dies a spark

My Cocoa (S)hot, a tanka by Naman Gupta

My clattering teeth
With shivering soul beneath
Warm?! Now – I only breathe…
But then came some cocoa – hot,
Mug toppled. My cocoa Shot!!


4 thoughts on “A Motley of Winter Tankas

  1. The fog sets in,
    A silhouette I see,
    Lingering disposition,
    My shadow becomes me.

    It’s winter they say,
    But cold are we.

      1. Winter fog sets in,
        A silhouette I foresee.
        The shadow gets me;
        A lingering disposition;
        Dead cold we end up being.

  2. I get the shivers;
    The mountain towers within,
    Freeze I in and out.
    To preserve you as I see;
    Death is imminent my love.

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