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A Second Motley of Winter Tankas

Some more good entries for our competition Winter Winds.

A tanka by Ayushya Agarwal

Stood in the dark street,
a young girl in half a sheet.
Bright snow, sable hair.
For men with hearts and coin cold,
warm beds and a maiden fair.

A tanka by Nitish Pant

Amid the fog I,
Shiver as the breeze pass by,
Warmth what your eyes gave,
With passion when tears rolled down,
These moist eyes cried with a sigh.

A tanka by Sajit M Mathews

Smile snow, show your teeth
Bite the cold, help me live free.
My heart, cold like floor
Beats the empty chest of gloom.
Smile snow, show me life in full!

Refuge, a tanka by Sayash Kapoor

A coldness dawns on
Freezing time and ripping souls
yearning for refuge
Hibernation, Migration
Giving up my own nation

Pequod, a tanka by Shashank Singh

Placid sea of soup
The zealot captain sniffles
into his blue vest
We hunt the peppermint whale
Winters fly quicker back home

A tanka by Nikita

A malicious thought,
That to return to tall trees,
And warm yellow lights,
which progressively matured
beyond my love, wouldn’t be wise

A tanka by Shehzad Hathi

A sleeping dormouse
rotund sun, plump faces and
The Little Match Girl!
With boots, coats and cosy furs
Come, let’s join the Sunday Mass

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A Motley of Winter Tankas

The following are some of the good entries for our competition Winter Winds.

Yearning, a tanka by Samarth Chawla

Brown, skeletal woods
Shiver and snap in blizzard.
They reach for the sky
Like so many yearning hands.
The Sun is cold to their plight.

A tanka by Vaidehi Menon

Sweater static sparks.
Touch your fingertips to mine;
Not cold suddenly.
Warm woollen intimacy.
Sheep hair electricity.

A tanka by Harshit Bisht

I watch him pile snow
Making a cute short walled fort
To hide from snowballs
Amidst the smell of pudding
Fighting the right kind of wars

A tanka by Pratibha Bhatt

Consciously burning
In snow hidden, mortal rites
Withdrawn fiery lights
Trembling blue, in a maze dark
Crushed in white walls, dies a spark

My Cocoa (S)hot, a tanka by Naman Gupta

My clattering teeth
With shivering soul beneath
Warm?! Now – I only breathe…
But then came some cocoa – hot,
Mug toppled. My cocoa Shot!!