Atlas said, “meh” #10: Stockholm Syndrome

-Pensive Piranha





August 12, 2015 · 12:38 am

4 responses to “Atlas said, “meh” #10: Stockholm Syndrome

  1. At least the Snooty House allows itself to be called Snooty House on a Snooty House mouthpiece.

  2. The idea being talked about in the first three panels here has been discussed by Ernest Becker in “The Denial of Death”. Basically, that need is one to find meaning in existence by immersing yourself in the symbolic in a hunt for immortality. We seek these symbols, we seek culture because they’re enduring ideas and not as fleeting as life itself. Quite an interesting idea to think about, considering how much of our lives are defined by the symbolic. The very act of you reading this is only possible because both you and I have accepted the symbolic subjectivity of a shared language.

    • Also, the title is doubly appropriate, because these death-denying aspects of culture make us defend those who also ascribe to similar beliefs and thoughts and lash out at those who threaten this culture, this way of life. We are a unique species in this regard, being the only ones who (can) assign this kind of meaning to something as utterly symbolic as culture, in our hunt for symbolic immortality.

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