Introducing Poetry Slam

-Coordinators, ELS

If one went through some of the slam poetry out there, it is possible to come up with a notion that slam poets love to take offence. So the ideal poetry slam would have socially relevant poems on issues like feminism, racism, homosexuality and so on. First up, let us clear the air. An ideal poetry slam is like an ideal George RR Martin character – it does not exist. So while some purists may argue about the death of art in slam poetry, they should worry more about the death of tolerance in art. With slam poetry, poesy is no more the birthright of those in fineries.

Slam poetry is essentially like poetry recitation with original compositions although some variants may allow poems composed by others. It admits no props, costumes or paraphernalia but participants can come up with all kinds of antics to make up for such restrictions. Although there might be a certain rhythm to the recitation, the poem per se need not have rhyming verses. Energy is invariably important in slam poetry because the audience is alive and will give you instant feedback by snapping their fingers or sighing or laughing when you inspire them to do so.

At this point, I won’t say I can go on and on about slam poetry because I can’t. That’s it. To describe more rules related to the event would be like restraining the flexibility of the concept itself. But before I end this, as is customary, I have a video for you.


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