Flaming Darkness

-Infernal Knight

Smitten thus by the maiden, who ensnared
My syllables to her immortal name,
And wounded by Cupid’s own healing blade,
So tortured I wander; is love insane,
That compels the stars in Heavens to bear
Vestiges of impatience, that propels
The long lost vessel in the storm to steer
Destiny towards Light; If all great tales
In love, into a single thread were laced,
In her fair gloves would forever be placed.

Fragrant spring that furnishes trees in blooms
Hued in life, descends on two hearts in love,
Like from the shining skies a silver moon
Reflects deep my Love in her eyes; above
Fireflies tranced by her perfect smile, smiling
Through sentinels ‘gainst this desire, shimmer
To kisses that promises hold, flaming
To extinguish her tears; The lake water,
Rippled seldom by a lost, deviant bloom,
Stirs in its own skies a silver moon.

Over grassy lawns in Autumn, mellowed
In life’s haste when leaves fall, eternity
Blankets my sighs cuddling her; A long road
Absent for the world, her divinity
Close to me on the winding path, her head
On my shoulder leans, her hair cascading
Beyond her shoulders that I hold; Ahead
Of us a long, September road winding
Into a patient walk she walks with me,
To Sunsets we want, through Sunsets we see.

In verses I dedicate to the Lord,
I hear her pronounced, in eloquent dreams
Her lips brand my prayers; an unsaid word
That ignites my being, that ignites my being
Into embers unquenchable, ignites
My being into flares in thirst, ignites me
Into ardent worship, her name through nights
I whisper in anonymity; He
Who governs existence yields the verses,
Which in her name exists, in her name stays.

Like stinging roses lacerating palms,
In their moist pierces, her painful tears
On my missing finger tips, covering arms
Supposed to comfort, far away. Her fears
That keep me tossing on my vacant bed,
In sheets empty, far away, from her face
I would touch to absolve her pain, instead
Far away, impatient, caught in Time’s pace
That slowly creeps up my veins; in her laugh
The torment concludes, in her smiles I laugh.

On a cold winter dawn, sheltered by love,
Under blankets covering us, ensconced
In my embrace we stand, feelings of trust
Warming our view; experiences learnt,
All emotions we ever felt or spared,
Forgotten; all names and views, silver moons
Forgotten, leaves and hues, kisses we shared
Forgotten, rippling lakes and winding ruins,
Forgotten midst the race to Oblivion.
Just sheltered by love, one cold winter dawn.


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