-Nature’s Natural

When the sky was clouded
And birds awaited rain,
I stayed solitary,
All beauty seemed insane.

To find the blissful blue
With my long weary eye,
Was like meeting the lord
And tell before I die.

I stared at the heavens
And looked down far beneath.
The dark clouds swirled around
Hiding hell’s dreaded teeth.

From among the thick woods,
I heard a joyful song
Again did I see her,
O my beautiful fawn!

I bent in gratitude
And praised her revelry.
But with gray indifference
She pursued her merry.

I cried out to her
“Wait for me, little fawn.”
With utter ignorance
She just went on and on.

Even the gods cried now,
The droplets trickled down,
The petals and leaves swooned
And birds flew with a frown.

She was lost in the woods
And I stood there for long.
Worthless a try to tame,
I just cherished the song.

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