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Haikuing in Winters: Results

Finally, we have the results of our winter haiku competition! Shweta Taneja, the author of Cult of Chaos and our judge for this competition painstakingly marked each entry (and there were many) to arrive at a decision. We are very grateful to her for sparing time for us. She also informed us about the judging criteria for the contest which can be found here. You can find her remarks below each haiku.

THREE WINNERS (not in sequence)

Vaidehi Menon

Winter vibrations
Teeth chatter, bodies shiver
Hear the symphony
(This has been able to capture the music of winter very well. Though I wish the word ‘winter’ hadn’t been used. It kills subtlety.)

Harshit Bisht

Cups of steaming tea
Under the afternoon sun
And her memories
(This haiku makes me linger. Makes me ponder on my own memories and that hot cup of tea. Again, it has captured winter as I’ve experienced it.)

Nitica Sakharwade

Light sleeping angel
Deep under the snow she lies
In quiet misery
(I so wish the first line could’ve improved a bit. But I loved the surprise of misery that the haiku ended with. Again, a trueblue winter haiku)

ALMOST MADE IT (not in any sequence)

Swapnil Gupta

Water turns to ice.
Breath to a soft misty haze.
Tears aloof, untouched.
(It explores a sadness which I loved. Except the last line could’ve been give more clarity, more pain maybe?)

Ayush Mukherjee

Leaves drop in the snow
What perishes here today
Revives tomorrow.
(I wish this was more visual. The concept is quite nice.)

Yash Singh

Elements conflict,
Facetious words spoken, by
Sullen crackling fire.
(Concept is nice, but the words didn’t bring it alive)

Shehzad Hathi

ice or inferno
death is wintery always
which steel would you like
(Again, almost there. Needed a clearer set of words perhaps)

Pallav Goyal

Hidden is the truth
of a hug or a murder;
in the foggy airs
(This was a lovely concept, could’ve gone to a greater height.)

Nikhil Kumar

Sunshine scarce, days blue
Nights cold with mist overdue
How I miss warmth, you.
(The rhyme wasn’t required and took away from the story of the haiku)

Rishav Agarwal

She loved another
a snowflake, lost in the fog
Winter her lover
(Last line could’ve been structured better. Love the first two!)

Anushka Jha

erica shivers
frigid night, her only foe
only companion
(Again, nice concept, but a little change of words would’ve brought clarity. I love the first line though.)

Yash Singh

The cold winter bit,
Dozing into wakening;
A face forgotten.
(The subject hasn’t been brought out. Better choice of words perhaps?)

Shehzad Hathi

Trojan horse is cold
its coal won’t burn – Troy won’t fall
will Apollo shine
(This was a lovely concept, could’ve gone to a greater height.)

Shashank Singh

Snow falling softly
Cold music from a harsh land
Haunting the still air
(Falls a little short of emotion, though the structure is quite nice.)

Ayush Mukherjee

Bludgeoning blizzards
Blow a blue bird far away.
How will it return?
(The alliteration was forced, though I loved the second and third line)

Shashank Singh

Death staring at me
Wondering who is colder
Fish frozen in bowl
(Nice concept, fell in the choice of words. Especially the last line.)

Rishav Agarwal

Fahrenheit 451
cold Winter morning
“it was a pleasure to burn”
inky paper Lives

Ignite each chapter
Beautiful Black Butterflies
Fluttering to ash
(I simply loved the idea of writing Haiku on a classic book. It was quite innovative. Except both these peices fell short as a haiku, because of structure. Maybe a single to combine both would’ve made it powerful.)

Ayush Mukherjee

Weather of nightmares
That sends chills down every spine
Till the blankets slide.
(Nice concept, hurried in execution)


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