Meander: A literary publication by ELS

The first volume of Meander is now available on ISSUU, a free digital publishing platform for magazines and newsletters. Meander is a student run literary publication that is distributed in the form of a printed newsletter in IIT Kanpur.

If you want to give any kind of feedback about the publication, feel free to write to us at

5 thoughts on “Meander: A literary publication by ELS

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    1. Unfortunately because of dearth of content, Meander could not be published for a few years. When we tried to revive it, we wanted it to be a magazine and we had enough content for an entire magazine but budget constraints forced us to make it into a newsletter. Hope you liked it!

  1. Sorry to say but this doesn’t capture the soul of Meander. Probably this one by rachit would give a bit of feel:

    Regarding the funds, as I remember during 2007-2009, Meander used to be published as a magazine to be distributed to freshman before entering the campus (in admission stuff package sent to every new student). It had a lot of campus happenings and fun-stuff. Anyways, trying to revive Meander in similar way can solve budget constraint to some extent. The budget of that is a part of counselling service which is relatively loose to spend.

    I think probably Shashwat Chandra is still there in campus. So, you can take his help. He knows all!

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