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An Assortment of Winter Haikus #2

We have compiled some more good entries from our competition Haikuing in Winters. The contest which started over three fortnights ago finally came to an end yesterday and witnessed enthusiastic participation from several denizens of the campus. Without further ado, here are some of the excellent entries:

A haiku by Shehzad Hathi

feed lovely peafowls
save them, winter food is scarce
sweep away dead crows

Persephone, a haiku by Yash Singh

By Ceres she weeps,
Dandelions smothered, “Come”
cried Hades’ winter.

A haiku by Vaidehi Menon

Winter vibrations
Teeth chatter, bodies shiver
Hear the symphony

A haiku by Swapnil Gupta

Water turns to ice.
Breath to a soft misty haze.
Tears aloof, untouched.

Fuyu no sakura, a haiku by Shashank Singh

He sits in the park
Waiting for cherry blossoms
Shivering in rags

A haiku by Nitica Sakharwade

A carpet of white
awaiting to be written
shadows of footprints


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