An Assortment of Winter Haikus

The following are some of the good entries for our competition Haikuing in Winters:

Fog, a haiku by Amrita Singh

Cold winter morning..
What lies ahead, you ne’er know
Somehow you know why

A haiku by Harshit Bisht

A gift from heavens
Wrapped in cosy warm woolens
Also called winter

A haiku by Rishav Raj Agarwal

She loved another
a snowflake, lost in the fog
Winter her lover

A haiku by Anushka Jha

snow angels on ice
bless me with their mystic dust
when I close my eyes

A haiku by Pallav Goyal

A cold, restless night
Spent counting sheep, by a tree
Is worth Santa’s sight

A haiku by Ayush Mukherjee

Haze at my doorstep
A knock on the freezing wood
Doors open nowhere.

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