The Siren

 -Infernal Knight

Stranded among abandoned stars,
Lost in an anonymous night
When Time unfurls her slowest hours
Siring every deviant light.

Illuminations thus obscured
In intensities of shadows,
That onto vivid veils are lured,
Reflect Cupid’s baser arrows.

Resounding lairs passions honour
Provoking the prurient tinge.
The flames within exhaust manner
The flames without never did singe.

The surveying glances revolt
Like moonbeams that too subtly sting.
Midst stirring profanity sold,
Is auctioned flesh in heightened sin.

I relished sin with silver then
In quick hot blood and throbbing breaths.
In dingy a trance and haste ‘gain.
In beds that affirmed moral deaths.

In roused manners vile to the Beast,
With Beauty damped in lustful sweat.
In parts of her where all time ceased
And whole of her where moments met.

With tempers calmed when she did sigh
Sated and spent in unclean acts,
I learnt I fell for just a lie
For Love never from Love retracts.

Gullible ships that waters grade
In green turbulence hoist their sails,
With robust masts do deep seas wade
And emerge from fantastic tales.

Stormy melodies soothe their keel.
Haze mystifies the mask of Fate.
Pacifying rocks struggles heal
And wrecking culminates the wait.

Yet with other vessels in sight
The tunes echo in winds too foul.
While I here in ruins delight
She bargained yet again her soul.

Contemplating her existence,
Restrained to sighing just for me,
Feigned revelry at insistence
Of intruders, disheartened me.

She rekindled that carnal flare
When from her embrace I did part.
And knowing others found her fair,
I ripped out her live beating heart.

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