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Beautiful You

 -Infernal Knight

The night covered the world in shade,
And swiftly broke into this room.
And while high up the moon does fade,
Right before me a moon does bloom.

The rain batters my window hard
In vain attempts to enter here.
Even the sky so brightly starred
Shall tonight just helplessly stare.

In tremors of your placid eyes
Still shut tight, and your fragrant breath,
That streams your cheeks before it shies
And meets your lips before its death.

Full red your lips lie bound in pain
In love that frees all mortal bounds.
For roses sound best in the rain,
Far too noisy to hear their sounds.

True love can change the fiercest beast
And turn him from all manners vile.
Imagine then, love, what this tryst
Shall turn in me if once you smile.

While you sleep dreaming about me
Lost in thoughts of time we’ll spend.
I shall try your dreams come to be
Even before your dream does end.

Your hair in wraps did plague my heart
Thus I your tresses did unfold.
And then your locks did gently part
Cascading down in pure soft gold.

Before me lies your face too calm
In a sea of turbulent hair.
Your cheeks so gently fill my palm,
All night long I patiently stare.

The night too soon does lift its shade
And leaves me here lost in your grace.
The absent moon’s complete charade
Is worth lot less than your sweet face.

The frown on your face when you rise
Shall wrench my heart in mirth unknown.
When you look at me with surprise
I know your love’s there but not shown.

But why do you so in disgust
Frown at the chains I put on you?
I want you to give me your trust
And stay with me forever too.

Pull not at the ropes that limit
And struggle not in untamed haste.
You shall hurt your palms in pursuit
Of freedom you shall never taste.

Stare not at the cuff which does bind
And keeps your mortal self with me.
For what is self without a mind?
It’s your mind which is all I see.

The rain has given up all tries.
The sky too knows I mean no harm.
Your beauty snares even the skies,
While I sit here snaring your charm.