There She Stood

-Pink Iguana

Like a pennant at half mast
Fluttering in an undead past
Sinews wasting in an eternity to brood;
They showed me – there she stood.

He left her – said his friends,
He seemed to have played her heart’s most delicate strands
If you may trust the bridesmaid-to-be;
There were others who would weigh their speech as free
And they would be unmoved: she was disgraced.
If the Lord stands unfazed
They agreed to vow – “O! For our faith in good,
We know she was marred and there she stood!”

It was certain she would plunge –
For the sinking vessel, one of them had a hunch,
Autumn would be the season, when melancholy sprawls
Or perhaps when the sixth hour of the 157th day calls.
The Veiled Spring may flit around in her memories.
But when I saw her again, There she stood – stamping her worries!

I might have seen spring blooming at that phoenix’s feet,
Had it not wilted at the sight of a dazzling dame.
I might have dared to supplicate once
And she said, “We parted ways.”
I guess he went away and There she stood!

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