Fresher’s Creative Writing

This year we introduced creative writing as a part of the Fresher’s Frolica. You can have a look at the topic sheet here: Creative Writing: Freshers. One of the winning entries in the “macabre” category follows.

The Web

-Infernal Knight

I waited long in shadows dark,
And stealthily did blend behind.
My hooves are strict, my vision stark.
By my absence am I defined.

The walls around clearly reflect
In red of blood and darker hue.
The realms in me have no object
Save add some sweet tinge redder new.

My breath is calm, for yours are not
And eyes as still as pleasant doom.
And while you shriek in shriekless drought
Your silence shall be silent soon.

Pacified in thoughts of dark deaths
And lives that end in cheerful pain
And terror in those final breaths
Breathing terror right in your vein.

From eyes as cold as sickness spread
In Winter’s cusp as Fall is led
Before Spring and its placid thread
Shall end your year in rational dread.

When you are through ruddying my niche,
My realms unquenched seek yet a friend.
For Death’s a high and Time a bitch.
Far slow in pace, ere gifts are sent.

Hark goes that sound and mark its tune.
Behold as I twitch and delight.
My hooves are strict, my lips are sewn,
My vision stark in dimming light.

And when it knocks on my front door
I slide and halt, and wedge and grab
And down to the chasms and down more
Uncover it and slowly stab.

And tense my paws to hold it tight.
My breath is calm, for its is not.
I gently view my gift in sight
While it (too) shrieks in shriekless drought.

And now you know what did happen
While you were out foraging there.
The fall and grip, some dark omen.
The twist to kill, that killing stare.

And now you know you never knock
On doors hidden below your feet.
For who can tell what you unlock
Altering yourself in one heartbeat.

And while your life does slowly ebb
Know that I spin no threads in queue.
When tarantula spins a web
Know I am spinning it for you.

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