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Freshers Creative Writing Competition: Best entries #2

Topic: Literally Idioms

-Prakash Matthew

It was Halloween time in wonder world and all the fairies, witches, wizards and demons had come together in festive spirit. It was holiday for magic school as well and all the young spells, charms, blessings, wishes and hexes were excited about the day that was to be. Frida, a hex (who’d grow up to be the most terrible of hexes) and Turo, a blessing, were best of friends. They lived in neighbouring clouds and played on the same planet everyday. They would often go on secret trips to explore the mortal life in various galaxies. They enjoyed watching the pretty flowers bloom, the plants sprout up and the varied emotions of the ever serious higher life forms.

“We should be Jipsy and Jetsy from the golo world,” said Turo with a twinkle in her eye. “Na! Something more dangerous and exciting,” said Frida. “Maybe two eyed nebular giants with purple flames.” Turo didn’t agree. After a long discussion they decided to dress up as green Martians and visit Mars for the evening. They were very excited. They had a quick nap, a drink from the fountain of bliss and left for their adventure.

Thick black fumes were rising from the planet as Turo and Frida approached Mars. The higher beings had declared war on each other over lortep, a dark liquid which fuelled the Martian ground mobiles and aerocrafts. The lortep reserves were depleting fast and the Martians fought among themselves for the last few wells. The war had reached its peak and both sides were on the verge of destroying the entire planet! Turo and Frida were used to this sort of mayhem across galaxies and decided to make the best of it. They roamed around observing the life forms, who always grouped together during a crisis. Some groups were chanting words, some were reading books written by their ancestors or dancing in odd manners while few other groups were planning the next day’s war.

As they flew around the planet enjoying its fleeting beauty, they heard a cry that shook their spirits. They flew towards the sound. It was the agony of a Martian, a Martian whose mate had died. The Martian was in pain and distress and he was sobbing and grieving his partner’s death.

“Hey! Who are you two? Hands in the air. NOW!”

A dozen heavily armed Martians surrounded Turo and Frida. They were in front of a Martian military fort.

“Guluparantha,” Frida cried.

The guards looked at each other, lowered their weapons and allowed Turo and Frida through the gate because Frida had just said the secret password to enter the fort.

Frida and Turo entered the fort and saw King Amabo crying, holding his partner in his arms. All the ministers shot looks at the two, not recognising who they were.

Turo uttered softly, “Mogambo”. The words had barely left her mouth and the Martian started coming back to life. Turo didn’t know what came over her.

All were looking with great astonishment as the Martian struggled to move his body.

Frida broke free of his initial shock. He looked at Turo. It was against the cosmic laws to interfere in the lives of Mortals. Turo looked down still unable to comprehend what had come over her.


Frida muttered the death hex. Frida took Turo’s arm and walked away unnoticed from the bustling crowd that had by now surrounded the reviving corpse. The Martian was dead, again. But he had re-lived long enough to convey to his friend one last message – “Stop the war.”

The war ended the next morning. Amabo signed a peace treaty with his fellow Martians honouring his lifelong companion.

Thus the planet was saved from doom by Turo. Turo, a blessing in disguise.


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