Reviewing X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past poster

-Creepy Sloth

The latest installment in the long running X-Men movie franchise came out this summer. Continuing from where X-Men: First Class left us, this was one of the highly anticipated movies this year. Director, Bryan Singer, did a wonderful job in creating this time travelling saga featuring an ensemble superstar cast. Now usually a superhero movie has the simplest and the most straightforward storyline and more focus is put on enhancing the movie experience by the use of special effects. Taking a look at the past decade, the only superhero movie franchise which stands out for me is The Dark Knight trilogy. Now as far as the comic book franchise is concerned, I would say that the X-Men features multitudes of characters and storylines running simultaneously. Putting it in a 2.5 hour movie isn’t an easy task as the maker has to deal with the whole character development process for people who don’t have a clue about what X-Men are. The director here has managed to pull it off really well. And yes, it pretty much lived up to my expectations.

The movie opens with an action sequence featuring X-Men fighting against the Sentinels. What these Sentinels are will be unraveled through the course of the movie. I won’t be giving out any major plot details as it would spoil the fun for people who haven’t watched the movie yet. As you can see from the trailer, it has Wolverine going back in time to thwart the danger of the X-Men going extinct. In this endeavor, he is helped by Prof. Xavier and Magneto. We have them chasing Mystique to prevent her from assassinating the not-so-evil Bolivar Trask. So will they succeed or does the future of the mutants lie in danger? Of course we all know how it ends. But you need to watch the movie simply because it’s great.

Now coming to the acting department. Most screen weightage was put on the trio of Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender and they have reprised their roles from the previous movies so they manage it pretty well. Also there’s Jennifer Lawrence wearing spandex suit and doing some really awesome splits, all while taking down the bad guys with her powerful kicks and sharp punches. Then there’s the good ol’ veteran pair of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen along with Halle Berry who don’t really have major screen time but are big names and thus deliver. A special mention should be made about Peter Dinklage for taking up a very different role and being made fun of in the movie once.

The run time of this movie is 131 minutes which I thought was a little less for the amount of content they put in the movie. The movie seemed a little rushed, maybe the editing part could have been better. But never did it get boring or feel disconnected from sequence-to-sequence. The visual effects are as good as they can be which pretty much explains the $200 million budget. Also watch out for the post-credit scene, something which Marvel always does to intrigue the audience for the next part of the series. All in all, it was an entertaining superhero movie after a long time and I am eagerly waiting for the concluding chapter of this epic series.

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