Summer Wrap up

-Coordinators, ELS

As the shimmering heat gives way to sultry monsoon winds, ELS concludes its summer activities and gears up for the incoming batch. But before we launch ourselves full throttle into the preparations, here is a quick wrap up of the plethora of events we conducted over the summers.

We started off with JAM (a tweaked version of Just a Minute) where quite a few people turned up despite their exhausting sports camp sessions and intricate tech projects. Besides the obvious agenda, we also wanted to interact with each other and in the process develop a rapport with the members of the society. Keeping this in mind, we got off to a surprisingly good start. So it was obvious that the bunch of us had to go to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past together, first day, first show.

Well, some of that must have rubbed off because when we did creative writing in the next ELS meet, we wrote fantasy and adventure (Midas’ Ink). We also did free writing on a slightly offbeat topic. It certainly helped some of us who were going through what is called ‘writer’s block’. To top it all, there was a word games competition where people racked their brains to solve word puzzles, cryptic clues and displayed their linguistic prowess.

The next event was a perennial favourite, Dumb Charades. This time around we introduced a fun round where people acted out and guessed tweaked names of movies and songs. So while The Dark Knight Rises became The White Knight Falls, it was not enough to trip the seasoned DumbC troopers. To beat the afternoon summer heat, the event was conducted during the night and as the night wore on, the competition became more intense with everything culminating with the staple blitz round. By the time we left, the sun was already ready to peep from behind the horizon.

We thought we were done with the summer activities. But we didn’t want it to end so soon. Hence, we created an activity out of thin air. We got the movie ‘Into the Wild’ screened in OAT and held a literary discussion on it. While our propensity was to wander off the topic every now and then, we managed to make sense most of the times. We also drew parallels with other movies like Forrest Gump and how we could map the movie on to a classic Greek tragedy.

What was supposed to be the climax of our summer meets, the classic ELS Hucka (a restaurant in Kanpur) treat, turned out to be slightly anti-climactic because for some weird reason, they weren’t showing the Roland Garros final in the restaurant and the food took way too long to reach our tables. However, in the end, we left contented and that’s all that matters.

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