Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

-Loquacious Llama

Another sleepless night, spent staring at the blank ceiling. Angus, age 14, was an insomniac. He slept at irregular intervals, in broken snatches of silvery mist clouding his eyes. No amount of medication, visits to the shrink, even sedatives, could help him snore away like others did. But, even worse, for the last 7 days he hadn’t been able to catch even a single wink of sleep, almost like Morpheus had forgotten that he existed. Permanently bloodshot eyes, with dark circles around them that looked like they had been painted on, that was the price he paid for his wakefulness. Many friends had asked him how he didn’t feel exhausted all the time, like they did after a night-out, how he managed to keep those eyelids in status quo, how he was able to solve math in such a state. His reply, to all such questions, had been an unchanging ”I don’t know”. He really didn’t. To him, sleeping now seemed so out of the world, so unreachable, so surreal, closing your eyes and drifting off into another world, another reality.He remembered how he had slept soundly as a kid. How very beautiful that was, avoiding reality for such a long time, living in a fantasy you could mould to your will and take pleasure from. Cowboy, Samurai, Alchemist, you could be whatever you wanted, live a life as you saw fit. What more could you want? People always said that books, movies, television, music even, help you lose yourself in other worlds, but he could never feel that sensation. Such things always felt so impersonal and uninteresting, so disconnected, maybe because of the insomnia. And the nights always seemed to be such a drag. But if you could escape the griminess of reality for even a few hours, your days could pass by much more smoothly. Not blank ceiling after blank ceiling every single night, forced to lie in the bed by his parents, whether he slept or not. His thoughts were gently drifting away to greener pastures when the plafond over him exploded into a whirlpool of color and light, like something Dali would paint when on lysergic acid. He felt slightly dizzy and nauseous, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the spectacle. As he watched, the myriad rainbow hues seemed to be getting closer and brighter, slightly hurting his eyes. He felt as though he was floating on a cushion of air towards the maelstrom of tinctures, weightless and free. Then, as he passed right through the ceiling, feeling as though his head was going to explode, extremely bright white light shining right into his eyes, he found himself looking up at a white polished surface devoid of any decoration whatsoever. Sitting up, he noticed that the entire room was in the same state, as though he had been put into a porcelain box. Suddenly, a door opened up on one wall, revealing a young girl of about his age, clothed in skin-tight white latex, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. “Hello, Angus. Nice to finally meet you. I’m Lucy. How do you feel now?” He didn’t feel any different from usual now, and he told her so, asking her where he had been brought and why. “This is a space that exists everywhere and nowhere. This is taking place in your mind, and in reality too. If you can wrap your mind around the concept of a thirteenth dimension, this is it. What did you think dreams were? And as you might have guessed, I’m not from around here. I belong to a race of multidimensional indestructible beings. We spend our immortal lives looking all over the universe for things to do. In other words, we are perpetually bored. I had started up this planet of yours as an experiment, something like my personal petri dish, in a fit of boredom. Interfering with your lives, conducting social, spiritual, psychological, physical experiments  on individuals, as well as on your species as a whole, I have kept myself occupied thus. All your wars, politics, languages, science, history, art, even your foods have been engineered by me. How do you reckon only Einstein could think of relativity and only Da Vinci could paint the Mona Lisa? And do you honestly think someone could hate Jews as much as Hitler did, for no reason at all? Everything you see and everything you know are simply what I want you to see and what I want you to know. But, I have simply run out of things to test on your kind. This was my last experiment, almost a joke, stretching the limits of insomnia without inducing mental instability. Now, I need to find something else to do, after assimilating your planet. Don’t worry, you’ll be fast asleep, so you won’t feel a thing. It’s just that by staying with your kind for so long, I developed some rudimentary emotions, one of which is what you call a conscience. I just felt that someone should know what is about to happen to their planet. So, rest well Angus, and sorry for making you go through so much. Goodbye.” Saying so, she kissed him on his forehead, setting off brilliant fireworks in his brain from coming in contact with the other dimensions and large quantities of energy. he felt himself lose his grip on consciousness, felt his eyelids becoming heavy, closing them for the very last time. At his home his parents, standing at his bedroom door, were happy that he finally was sleeping peacefully, something they hadn’t seen him do since he was an infant. And so they smiled, for ignorance is bliss.


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