Show Review: Sex Education (Season 1)

A typical high school setting, everyone has had sex during the summer. Feels like Deja vu. Smells like teen spirit. I've seen this before: in movies like ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, ‘Clueless’, ‘Mean Girls’, ‘High School Musical’, I’ve spent my less than mature days reading such fiction on Wattpad. I see familiar scenes... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Gone With The Wind

A hideous blue spills from all corners of the summer sky and your clothes are soaked in it. You try hard not to think about how the fabric feels like tiny pins against your skin. Yesterday you told yourself that maybe you can live amid the absence of home-shaped gentleness, today you tell yourself that... Continue Reading →

Tania – Music on Rails

I was skimming through the contact list of my dad's old, now unused phone. You would ask me why, but I have no answer to that because once in a while I do stuff which might not be a need but a fetish. It weirdly somehow makes life more than just a struggle for survival.... Continue Reading →

Maybe Tomorrow

A bright and immediate flash of white.‘No, no, but seriously, would you rather find out you have a day or a year to live?’ I’m washing my face. Wait, what? Where am I? I stop the rusty old faucet and stare at the grimy mirror above. Jesus Christ, what happened to me? There’s vomit all... Continue Reading →

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